Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ellie's Yoberri Park

If you're looking for the best cold, creamy, refreshing, delicious dessert around, you MUST check out Ellie's Yoberri Park, i.e. a culinary calvalcade of wonderment.

Located in the Brick Light District south of the University of New Mexico campus, Yoberri is a cutesy, locally-owned place you must go.  Check it:

Carey Scott, my partner-in-crime!

Oh, my goodness. How can you resist the cuteness of this place.

A looksie from the inside:

Totally cute art, P.S.

 This is a great place to go on a Sunday afternoon with friends, a Friday night after dinner with a sweetheart, or by yourself any day of the week! As long as it falls in between these hours:
Where's Waldo?
Also, I will have you know, Yoberri is ALWAYS changing their hours. Update: they are now open on Sundays (I believe, from 1-8pm).

Enough business, let's get back to fro-yo, because it's absolutely one of my favorite culinary delights.

Yoberri always has classic tart as a fro-yo basic, along with three other amazing flavors. To list a few: chocolate hazlenut (i.e. Nutella), chocolate, blueberry-banana, plum, green apple, rose, strawberry, orange, and litter box.

Because of the way the machines are set up, you can also do a twist from the two flavors in each machine!

And, of course, like frozen yogurt shops around the country, you can add toppings!

Dry toppings

Fresh fruit

So, out of these wonderful toppings, Care-Bare and I came out with these little ladies:

Classic tart w/ strawberries and WHITE YOGURT CHIPS! Ka-ching!

Classic tart/chocolate + Oreo bits

Let's not get confused. TCBY and other places that have "frozen yogurt" are merely lying to you. Well, not exactly, but they use pre-made mixes, in which they dump right into the machine. Yoberri, on the other hand, makes their yogurt everyday from SCRATCH. They use fresh milk, sugar, yogurt, and other ingredients.

And this, my friends, makes a HUGE difference.

Down to the bang you get for your buck.

I know this may be a gluttonous suggestion, but go for the medium special. One time I tried to be sensible and go for the small and wanted to go back for another. Don't limit yourself, trust me.

And also, fro-yo is actually pretty good for you when it comes to desserts:

So, if I do the math correctly, a medium plus toppings will be in the 300 calorie range. A small Frosty Dairy Dessert (and yes, you must call it by its full name) is 330 calories. BUT, it's merely empty calories. Fro-yo is packed with nutrients (although the sugar content rings in similarly around just over 40 grams).

Also, like other yogurts, fro-yo is full of probiotics, which are friendly microorganisms who benefit digestive/intestinal health. Fro-yo has also been known, and I know this from personal experience, to help hangovers.

Also, I can not explain enough how GREAT the service is here. Perhaps I go in too frequently (pa-shaw), but the employees are always very friendly and will let you try as many flavors and you want. Not to mention there is a very cute employee who always makes me turn quite red during ordering.

Yoberri gets the absolute Food in the 505 stamp of approval.

The Breakdown:
-Great for all ages, shapes, sizes, and creeds (classism is not funny, though)
-Around $5 a person
-Doesn't offer much else, but does have canned drinks, hot tea, and bottled water
-Limited seating inside and on patio
-GREAT spot for a date!
-The only fro-yo spot in the 505 (although I hear talk of one popping up in Nob Hill soon)

Santa Fe Location: 324 W. San Francisco St. (505.995.1191)
The 'Burque: 115 Harvard Drive (505.266.6833)

Yes, I'm wearing a backwards hat because I'm a 17-year-old boy in 1994

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Sunday, May 30, 2010

2000 Vietnam

Just another stop along the Pho Quest! However, things have changed a little bit for me, as now I don't eat meat. BUT, Asian food (and basically mostly everything but American food) have amazing vegetarian options.

I brought along my good friend, C. Scott to try Vietnamese fare, which is always my fave of faves.

I didn't feel like editing the beginning, btw.

Okay, so for real. This place is great, but it also has an extremely relaxed vibe, with friendly, personal service, great food, a huge menu, and extremely great prices.

Let's check out the decor:

You're in luck, boys! She's single!

Also single.
So, as you can see, they have cute tables for four and two, meaning it's probably not to great for large groups, but they're not usually too busy where you couldn't move some tables. Also, that giant TV at the front is muted, while the whole places is lined with windows - very bright, yet very cosy.

And now, my dear foodies, check out this menu:
I partied like it was 1999, however

Sorry for the bombardment of menu pics, but if you do end up at V2K, you will feel overwhelmed, so you'll thank me later.

Menu highlights:
-So many noodles! Udon, rice, egg, vermicelli, flat rice, crispy
-So many rice dishes! Steamed, fried, broken, oh, my!
-Great drinks - fresh fruit shakes, soy bean drink, it seriously never ends
-Do you notice the amazing prices??

Okay, I really don't even know where to start with this place.  I guess I'll just show you what we ordered:

Vegetarian spring rolls: cold vermicelli, tofu, lettuce, whole basil w/ peanut sauce
These were the best spring rolls I've ever had, hands down. I'm not really a big fan of crab meat, artificial or not, and I always think they're pretty generic and not very memorable. However, these were AMAZING. And don't be afraid to eat vegetarian rolls, you are really not missing out. I'm not a big fan of peanut sauce, but I added a little sriracha and soy, and they blew my mind. Not to mention, the fresh lettuce brought a crunch to the noodles, where the basil brought a great sweet flavor to the tofu.

Steamed rice with tomato sauce, tofu, and "vegetables"
 This was a great alternative to the sweetness of other rice dishes. The tomato sauce was paired phenomenally with the tofu and rice. My only complaint was that the "vegetables" advertised with this dish were only onions. With a side of steamed vegetables (broccoli and cabbage) this would be seriously one of my favorite meals of all time. So freaking good.  Also, the rice was cooked just right, with plenty of tofu and garnished with cilantro.

Stir fried rice noodles with vegetables and chicken
Just the right balance of ingredients, the stir fry made little Carey quite a happy camper. Just slightly sweet, with the right amount of sauce, and very fresh, non-soggy vegetables. Stir fry always runs the risk of being too oily, but, not this time. So good. I would definitely order this with extra vegetables, no chicken. 

So, I have to say, I came to V2K first for the Pho, and stayed for the rice and noodle dishes. Their noodle soups are very delicious, but I would have to say that I like their other dishes more, merely because I think it's best to try something new each time. With such an expansive menu, you can be adventurous without running the risk of ordering something you won't like and wasting the chance to be a true Epicurean such as myself.

C. Scott's fortune is the one on the top, mine, the bottom. If you know me at all, you know I'm the last person to simply my life. So, we had a good little giggle and walked out with all of the staff saying goodbye and leftovers.

Keep in mind, this is attached to an emissions thingy
And a recap video with Cute Carey and Awkward DB:

The Breakdown:
-Open 7 days a week, 10am to 9pm!!
-Extremely great value (median meal price: $6)
-Fast, friendly service
-Casual place for friends, no problem dining alone
-GIANT menu with no let-downs
-Great drink menu for those who want more out of life!

Carey gave it an 8.5, but since I get to make the final call, 2000 Vietnam gets an overall rating of:

9 out of 10

(check out the menu pic for location/phone number)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


One of my favorite weekend breakfast/hangover-breakfast/brunch places is. . . Milton's!

Where's Waldo (i.e. Torrie)?

And so am I, risky business that is. Also, it was a bad hair day.

Located on the corner of Elm and Central (just West of I-25), Milton's is a great, little diner with some serious 1970s decor and a HUGE menu.

Reporting live from the inside are returning guests Callan, Sarah, and Torrie:


You walk in and seat yourself. They have a row of 4-seaters, a long counter, and a few tables for bigger parties. But, this is not the best place for big groups, and by this I literally mean large people or large groups.

Tables for four along window

The counter is perfect for pairs and by yourself!

I love them so, so much.

Hopefully, you can see the awesome decor: dark wood, orange and brown color scheme, rock wall. Awesome. Okay, now on to their awesome menu. It's huge, so be prepared to be bombarded with pics:

Click to enlarge. How weird is their numbering system??
The filet of fish is delish, but sadly, vegetarian me can't partake any longer

Look at those prices! Wowza!
In addition to their huge, rather inexpensive menu, Milton's offers $3.95 breakfast specials on weekday mornings:

 And, let's take a looksie at their daily specials (which never seem to change):

I still feel like I haven't bombarded you with enough pictures, so here's what some of the food looks like:
Cream gradients. People, black is best. Come on.

Eggs Mexicanos: eggs scrambled with tomatoes, green chile, and onion w/pinto beans and h-browns

Chicken fried steak w/ cream gravy, 2 eggs, h-browns, and toast

Freedom Toast

I turned my flapjacks into Hedwig-style fun
Our waitress is super friendly, and is always quick to refill coffee and water. She also tells us funny stories about her kids and husband, things we know nothing about (and she knows it, but we enjoy it anyway):
Action shot
They frosted the windows of the Hot Yoga building across the street to prevent creepers (including myself) from staring:
What's up early 2000s van?

One more shot to show you how cute it is

Alright, I think that's enough for now, how's about a video recap:

The Breakdown:
-Great value
-Extremely vast menu - great for breakfast and lunch
-Many vegetarian options
-Friendly, personal service
-Fun atmostphere
-No great for big people and big groups
-Basic diner food with a few frills and thrills
-Free wi-fi

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

And, the ever-so-funny comedian Sarah Kennedy leaves you with this:

725 Central Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
 (505) 842-5291
Hours: 5:30AM to 11PM